HP Officejet 4650 Printer Setup

  • The HP Officejet 4650 Printer setup package should be wrapped by a dust and water-proof cover. Check whether the package is sealed and has a licensed signature on it. If the seal is not available, resend the package to the manufacturer. In case the package is open, request the seller to replace the package. After completion of unloading, verify whether all components are delivered. Ensure that there are no damages on any of the components or the printer.

HP Officejet 4650 Printer setup & Unboxing

  • Keep the package on a flat surface, and ensure that the chosen area has a power outlet near it and enough space to accommodate your host device.
  • Unload the package by taking the printer and its components out of the box. Remove the printer from the Styrofoam packing.
  • Eliminate all the blue and orange-colored tapes, stickers, Styrofoam sheets, and other packing materials from the printer.
  • Take the printer’s power cable and plug one end of the power cable into the printer’s power port and the socket-end into the power source.
  • Long press the Power button on the printer to turn it on. Select your language and sort the preferences on the printer’s Start page.
  • Go to the Control Panel Settings menu on the printer. Scroll down and open the Preferences tab. Ensure that the sorted preferences are set correctly.
  • Drag the input tray and move the paper width guides outward to their maximum limit. Recheck the tray for cardboard pieces or covers and eliminate for HP Officejet 4650 printer setup .
  • Take a stack of plain papers that are compatible with the HP Officejet 4650 printer setup and load the input tray with the stack.
  • Glide the paper guides inward until they rest on the stack firmly. Push the tray inside the printer until it locks in its position.
  • Elevate the scanner lid and hold it steady. Try to wait until the carriage moves to the center of your HP device. Remove the black ink cartridge from its package.
  • Remove the orange-colored tab from the cartridge. Make sure you don’t touch the copper-colored contacts.
  • Hold the cartridge along its sides and insert it to the black ink slot. Redo the same procedure for inserting the tricolor ink cartridge.
  • Use the driver installation CD to install the driver files. Touch the Wireless icon on the HP printer’s control panel.
  • Activate your router connected to a Wireless Access Point. Check whether the printer auto-connects to your router.
  • If the auto-connection fails, tap the desired network on the printer’s LED display manually. Try to connect your computer to the same wireless network to which your printer is connected.

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